Coupling a Magnetron to Coaxial Cable

Before we begin I’ll start with the obvious warning: Working around microwave radiation is potentially hazardous and could result in electric shock, burns or death and may cause interference issues with nearby users of WiFi and other services on 2.4 GHz which could potentially be illegal in some jurisdictions. I’m sure I don’t have to […]

Upcoming Articles for 2018

Considering the mention of at least one new article per month during my last update, below is a list of article topics that I will attempt to cover during the next year. Ultimately there will be more than twelve as I already have enough projects going to provide a fair amount of content with topics […]

SDR# + DVB TV Tuner as Test Equipment

The RTL-SDR project started out as a cheap alternative to the many professional Software Defined Radios (SDR’s) on the market today. They even can be used as a poor mans radio scanner and they work pretty well for that use. With the myriad of software available for them, the possibilities are truly endless for the […]

Vintage Radio Restoration: Part 3

It lives!!!. After replacing the EF89 RF amplifier tube, the radio gave its first signs of life. Upon connecting the mains, static filled the air which until now didn’t happen. Connecting an antenna allowed for stations to be tuned in. After months of sourcing parts this project is now complete. So what did I have […]

Directed Energy

As we all know, microwaves can heat things. Microwaves could also be used in theory to heat people and objects or damage sensitive electronic devices. A standard microwave oven is a good source of components for this task. I have tried inserting a magnetron into a satellite dish with no real success, It is rated […]

Microwave Oven Transformer

WARNING!: Microwave oven transformers output lethal voltages. Do not mess around with these if you have no prior electrical experience. Chances are you will die! The humble microwave oven is a treasure trove for anyone interested in high voltage experimentation. Things to grab are the transformer, capacitor, diode and magnetron. The magnetron is the most […]

Update on the Vintage Radio Restoration Project

Its been a few months since I have looked at the old radio as I am still waiting on a replacement EF89 amplifier tube for it. It seems that that particular tube is beginning to get harder to source but such are the joys of restoring vintage radios. Hopefully within the next few weeks the […]