Coupling a Magnetron to Coaxial Cable

Before we begin I’ll start with the obvious warning: Working around microwave radiation is potentially hazardous and could result in electric shock, burns or death and may cause interference issues with nearby users of WiFi and other services on 2.4 GHz which could potentially be illegal in some jurisdictions. I’m sure I don’t have to […]

Using a 1:1 Isolation Transformer to Step Voltage Up or Down

(DANGER: Risk of serious injury or death, do not attempt unless you know what you are doing) With a 1:1 Isolating Transformer, the voltage on the primary winding is equal to that on the secondary winding. This is particularly useful for safety where an appliance may be used in a wet area or another hazardous […]

Microwave Oven Transformer

WARNING!: Microwave oven transformers output lethal voltages. Do not mess around with these if you have no prior electrical experience. Chances are you will die! The humble microwave oven is a treasure trove for anyone interested in high voltage experimentation. Things to grab are the transformer, capacitor, diode and magnetron. The magnetron is the most […]

Adjusting your cheap Chinese Generator

These generators are sold under many different brand names but are all built using the same design, making this guide relevant to many cheap Chinese gasoline generators based on the “Chonda” gasoline engine with an inbuilt automatic voltage regulator (AVR). The following info may be useful if you want to attempt to parallel two generators […]

Homebrew Phase Converter

In this guide I will show you a simple way of producing 3 phase electricity from a single phase supply. Firstly, Only attempt this if you know exactly what you are doing. Daktologist Industries is not responsible if you somehow manage to electrocute yourself, damage your equipment or burn down your house/workshop or otherwise fuck […]

A Basic Introduction to Electronics

Electricity. It’s all around us, from our appliances to our vehicles to lightning and static. In this guide I will go into the subject of electronics. Firstly what is electronics and how does it differ from electricity in general?. Well electronics deals with using electricity to perform complex tasks like amplifying sound, measurement and many […]