Upcoming Articles for 2018

Considering the mention of at least one new article per month during my last update, below is a list of article topics that I will attempt to cover during the next year. Ultimately there will be more than twelve as I already have enough projects going to provide a fair amount of content with topics […]

TestKitPlus.com Review

With the amount of fake drugs and research chemicals being sold as legit substances, testing your product before consumption is a smart way of avoiding a substance that at the very least has no effect or could kill you. As I’ve wanted to experiment with psychedelics for some time and have already tried psilocybin mushrooms […]

Daktologist’s quick and dirty Codeine extraction

Daktologist’s quick and dirty CWE (Cold water extraction). You will need… Measuring cylinder. Two glass beakers. Water. Coffee filters. Codeine tablets. Thermometer. Funnel. Fridge. If you don’t have glassware then use household objects in its place. The CWE will take about 15-20 minutes. Firstly I empty the required dose of tablets into an 80 mL […]

Extracting Codeine with Acetone or Other Solvents

So I have given some thought to the subject in recent weeks. Given the fact that codeine will be insoluble in some solvents while the paracetamol will be soluble, Its possible to extract with minimal or zero losses in theory. For instance, the chart below shows the solubility of codeine into various solvents. Codeine freebase […]

Dak’s First LSD Trip Report

Me and my girlfriend recently obtained some tabs of LSD. We had been planning on getting some for a while but never really gave it any real thought until me and my cousin got talking about psychedelic drugs and what we had previously tried. We had both tried mushrooms a few times previously and personally […]