Synthesis of Chloroacetone

WARNING: Synthesis of this compound uses highly corrosive and toxic chemicals. Chlorine gas is produced which is highly toxic. Chloroacetone irritates the eyes, nose and throat. Do this synthesis outside or in a well ventilated area. A gas mask or respirator is recommended. Chloroacetone is a liquid compound created by the chlorination of acidified acetone. […]

Homebrewed Vacuum Pump

Using an old air conditioning compressor from a junked car I decided to see if it was possible to build a crude yet effective vacuum pump from scrap parts found in my workshop. Without a vacuum gauge, I cannot be 100% sure of the vacuum pressure produced although I have measured around 200 psi from […]

Synthesis of Trinitrophenol (Picric Acid) Part 1

DANGER! Trinitrophenol is explosive and toxic. Ensure proper ventilation and wear eye protection while preparing this compound. A respirator rated for chemical exposure is recommended although not essential. Avoid naked flames or sparks. Trinitrophenol was originally used in all number of applications from dyes to pharmaceuticals. It is an interesting intro to the wonders of […]

Bending glass tubes

Bending glass tubes is quite easy, and all you need is a strong flame. There are many apparatuses that can produce the steady flame required. Here are several examples: Bunsen burner Fishtail burner Blowtorch Gas burner Alcohol lamp How to bend a glass tube Wear heat-resistant gloves on your hands. Place the tube over the […]

Daktologist’s quick and dirty Codeine extraction

Daktologist’s quick and dirty CWE (Cold water extraction). You will need… Measuring cylinder. Two glass beakers. Water. Coffee filters. Codeine tablets. Thermometer. Funnel. Fridge. If you don’t have glassware then use household objects in its place. The CWE will take about 15-20 minutes. Firstly I empty the required dose of tablets into an 80 mL […]

Extracting Codeine with Acetone or Other Solvents

So I have given some thought to the subject in recent weeks. Given the fact that codeine will be insoluble in some solvents while the paracetamol will be soluble, Its possible to extract with minimal or zero losses in theory. For instance, the chart below shows the solubility of codeine into various solvents. Codeine freebase […]