Synthesis of Trinitrophenol (Picric Acid) Part 1

DANGER! Trinitrophenol is explosive and toxic. Ensure proper ventilation and wear eye protection while preparing this compound. A respirator rated for chemical exposure is recommended although not essential. Avoid naked flames or sparks. Trinitrophenol was originally used in all number of applications from dyes to pharmaceuticals. It is an interesting intro to the wonders of […]

Extracting Codeine with Acetone or Other Solvents

So I have given some thought to the subject in recent weeks. Given the fact that codeine will be insoluble in some solvents while the paracetamol will be soluble, Its possible to extract with minimal or zero losses in theory. For instance, the chart below shows the solubility of codeine into various solvents. Codeine freebase […]