Progress Update for Radio Totse and its Return

The mast finally arrived today. Initial tests have been promising, particularly as the mast is a telescopic carbon fibre squid pole and therefore conductive but doesn’t seem to be heating up or otherwise causing any obvious issues so far. Wind resistance seems pretty good as we have been having winds gusting up to 30km/h the last few days and so far the mast doesn’t seem to bend much without guying although I may use fishing nylon to stabilize the mast in the future. Strangely I got a perfect 1:1 match first time round after taping 10 meters of wire up the side of the pole.

Currently we are conducting test broadcasts at 100 watts on 6.925MHz USB which last around 6 hours from around 05:00 UTC. Signal reports and loggings can be sent to radiototse(at) or posted on HF Underground. Watch this space for further updates.


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