June 2018 Update

Well as much as I intended to do at least one article each month, Uni yet again has gotten in the way. To be honest I am having second thoughts about university and have been for months. Following an incident at uni recently I will have a solid answer in a few days as to whether I move on to the next big thing or slowly complete my degree. Either way its only the end of June and there are still 5ish months left in 2018.

Radio Totse will return once I sort out a decent 13.8 volt power supply. The antenna issue is sorted for now but given its winter here and this season has been the stormiest winter we have had in years, the mast had to be taken down due to the wind. The analog TV transmitter finally works following a couple months of reverse engineering the thing so repairs could be made. Output from it is around 60 watts or so.

I’ll try to get the IRC server back up at some stage but I have discontinued TeamSpeak for now. At least until its needed again anyway/ more people use it. Totseans has a discord server now I think so I would suggest you use that for now. There seems to be a bit more activity on the Totseans forums too which is awesome to see.

The next few months I intend on building on my collection of power tools/updating equipment. Hopefully this will lead into larger projects that you at home can attempt. Things like welding and metalworking projects, make your own BBQ/smokehouse etc. Pretty much more DIY type projects and things like that. Ultimately I would like do do more hands on practical projects that cover a wide range of topics that will help people in their daily lives. Things like how to hunt and fish, grow crops, build things like a new man cave, cook things you have caught etc.

Daktologist Industries isn’t dead yet, just on a go slow for now.


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