About us:

Welcome to Daktologist Industries.  A place to discuss and share topics regarding Science, Electronics, Technology, Engineering and other random topics.

History of Daktologist Industries and its Creator:

Daktologist Industries (this site) was started in December 2013 by Daktologist although the idea was being kicked around since 2010. After being a member of Totse.com until its closure, I migrated to Zoklet.net along with most of the other Totse refugees. I posted a few articles, primarily the cultivation of Cannabis under CFL lighting but other than that I wasn’t a well known member. I joined Totse.info at around the same time as its creation after following a few members from Zoklet over there. Eventually it was re branded as Totseans.com. Mid 2012 I began plans to create a pirate radio station on shortwave after our original Radio Totse/ WRRR broadcaster went off air. It wasn’t until twelve months later that I began broadcasting Radio Totse on 6925 KHz USB. Daktologist Industries was originally meant to be a base for all things Radio Totse but ended up becoming the science and tech blog it is today while still staying true to the way information was freely shared on the original Totse.

Daktologist Industries and the Freedom of Information:

Daktologist Industries respects and supports the freedom of information as well as freedom of speech. As such, our servers aren’t based in the US due to the US government trying to infringe on freedom of speech and information.

Rest assured that we will not divulge our members and visitors personal information to any government or other such entity. Your privacy is our top priority.

We don’t do ads nor do we ask you for donations because to us the internet has always been about the free transfer of knowledge and our hosting isn’t that expensive anyway.