Vintage Radio Restoration: Part 3

It lives!!!. After replacing the EF89 RF amplifier tube, the radio gave its first signs of life. Upon connecting the mains, static filled the air which until now didn’t happen. Connecting an antenna allowed for stations to be tuned in. After months of sourcing parts this project is now complete.

So what did I have to replace?. Well all the electrolytic capacitors needed replacing, the main 1K ohm dropper resistor had to be replaced and the local oscillator/mixer tube and RF amplifier tube were replaced. The LO tube didn’t really need replacing but I have a spare tube for it at least. I also had to give the Bakelite chassis a good clean and fix the dial light wiring.

Overall I spent over $100 dollars restoring this radio as well as a few hours of my time. I now want to find a much older radio to restore at some stage. Maybe after I complete a few other projects I’m currently working on.

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