Upcoming Articles for 2018

Considering the mention of at least one new article per month during my last update, below is a list of article topics that I will attempt to cover during the next year. Ultimately there will be more than twelve as I already have enough projects going to provide a fair amount of content with topics ranging from the usual radio and electronics topics through to fish keeping and growing and preserving your own food among other topics. Below is a short list of topics I will attempt to cover

  • An updated article covering the reception of free to air TV and how to access satellite feeds covering sports and other events such as motorsport on both the C and Ku bands.
  • Reception of Inmarsat signals using RTL SDR and receiving aviation text messages (similar to ACARS) on L band.
  • Receive Inmarsat AERO signals on C band using a common TV dish and LNBF (AERO contains ADS-B data)
  • Growing aquatic plants and caring for tropical fish
  • Making your own E Juice for electronic cigarettes
  • Constructing your own antennas for RTL SDR
  • Extraction of cannabis oil
  • The safe use of psychedelic drugs
  • Updates regarding Radio Totse

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