Truer words have never been spoken

Beige Phillip said a man has to spend a life building a boat so that a woman will get on it with him. But if that boat ever sinks or looks like its going to sink the woman will jump to another mans ship. The moral of the story is that whilst a man (captain) always goes down with his ship, a woman (the first mate) will always have another man’s ship waiting for her. If you look like you’re going to drown, all you can expect from a woman is abandonment. The conditional nature of a woman’s love means she will not sacrifice for you and stand by you the way you would be expected and feel inclined to do so for her.

Life really is a bitch, a heartless one at that. Fellas, make your boat strong and have yourself a rowing boat to escape in. You have to look out for yourself as the bottom line because she won’t.

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