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Oklahoma City Bombing

by William Cooper


Truth among casualties, buried under mountain of lies

By William Cooper

Exclusive - CAJI News Service

The Albert Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City collapsed into a pile of rubble and torn bodies after explosions ripped its supports from the foundation at approximately 9:02 am, Wednesday, April 19, 1995, the second anniversary of the Waco massacre. Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran has been arrested and charged with the crime. James and Terry Nichols, brothers, have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to build explosive devices at James' farm in Michigan. McVeigh and Terry Nichols were army buddies. Casualties as of May 5th stand at 164 dead. Fifteen of them children. Seventeen remain unidentified.

The total number of injured is in excess of 400. There are still 2 adults unaccounted for; and it is feared that they will never be found. Assistant Fire Chief Hansen has announced that the clean up of the bomb site is officially over.

Rescuers wept silently at the announcement. The reason for the bombing is still unknown. Use of the term "heartland" to describe Oklahoma is right on the mark.

Oklahomans are American to the core. They are deeply religious, avid gun owners, believe in a strict moral code, and have provided more than their fair share of cannon fodder for the nations wars. They are, for the most part, honest and hard- working people from pioneer stock. Many live on land their grandparents staked out in the great Oklahoma land rush. These people are extremely loyal to their state and to their country. Oklahomans knew all along where we were headed, and true to form, they tried to stop the march toward globalism. These traits may have sealed Oklahoma's fate on March 28, 1994 when the Oklahoma State Legislature passed a resolution which struck out at Clinton's socialist world government agenda. They were the first and maybe the only state to pass such legislation.

* Resolution Nov 1047, 'A Resolution relating to United States military forces and the United Nations; memorializing Congress to cease certain activities concerning the United Nations; and directing distribution.'

* WHEREAS, the constitutional role of the United States military is to protect the life, liberty and property of United States citizens and to defend out nation against insurrection or foreign invasion; and

* WHEREAS, the United States is an independent sovereign nation and not a tributary of the United Nations; and

* WHEREAS there is no popular support for the establishment of a "new world order or world sovereignty of any kind either under the United Nations or under any world body in any form of global government; and

* WHEREAS, global government would mean the destruction of our Constitution and corruption of the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, our freedom, and our way of life.


* THAT the United States Congress is hereby memorialized to

1. Cease the appropriation of United States funds for any military activity not authorized by Congress;

2. Cease engagement in any military activities under the authority of the United Nations or any world body;

3. Cease the rendering of aid to any activity or engagement under the jurisdiction of the United Nations or any world body; and

4. Cease any support for the establishment of a "new world order" or to any form of global government.

* THAT the United States congress is hereby memorialized to refrain from taking any further steps toward the economic or political merger of the United States into a world body or any form of world government.

* That copies of this resolution be distributed to the Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, the Secretary of the United States Senate, and to each member of the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation.

* Adopted by the House of Representatives the 28th day of March, 1994.

The resolution passed by the Oklahoma State Legislature had the support of all the citizens of Oklahoma. It was a slap in the face to the Clinton administration and all those who promote the Socialist Internationale. Those murdered at Ruby Creek and Waco cried out for justice. Americans echoed those cries. Everyone knew that something was terribly wrong. A police state was emerging before our eyes. Militias were forming. The Democrats suffered the worst defeat in their history at the polls in November. The hidden agenda of the communist/socialist internationale was being exposed to the public through talk radio and a thriving underground autobahn of information.

This story really began on February 26, 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed in New York City. I had predicted terrorists would detonate a bomb in New York City since 1989. It is on record, on video tape, and in my book. I predicted that it would be blamed upon Islamic fundamentalists but that the real perpetrators would be the U.S. Intelligence Community and specifically the Central Intelligence Agency. I did not know or venture to guess the target.

Those arrested were linked directly to the CIA and the FBI was implicated in the bombing. The perpetrators used two megabombs carried in a yellow Ryder rental van. The bombs exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center, prematurely, before being properly placed. The result was substantial damage. Five people were killed and over 1,000 were wounded. If the bombs had been placed in position next to the main structural supports the result would have been exactly what we see in Oklahoma City only much worse.

Fragments of the yellow van were quickly found in the rubble. A paper trail traced the vehicle to an outlet in New Jersey where it was rented four days before the explosion. "A lucky breakthrough" led federal agents to arrest a suspect, 26 year old Mohammed Salameh at the Jersey City rental agency at which he attempted to reclaim a $400 deposit on the van.

In a surprise revelation Tony Lang, a staff columnist for 'The Cincinnati Enquirer' (Gannett chain) in Cincinnati, Ohio, has uncovered court documents to support the direct involvement of the FBI in the World Trade Center bombing. The papers, filed in May, disclose that a government informer, an employee of the FBI, accompanied the accused bomber, Mohammed Salameh, to a New Jersey apartment they used as a bomb factory... and proceeded to INSTRUCT Salameh in how to drive the famous van two days before the explosion!

In another surprise development, reported by Louis Beam in the 'Jubilee', tapes made secretly by an FBI informant of conversations between him and his agency handlers linked the nation's largest law enforcement agency directly to "the most destructive terrorist act in U.S. history". Unfortunately that title now rests with Oklahoma City. Emid Ali Salem, an FBI informant used hidden microphones given to him by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to record his conversations with agents of the bureau. A Los Angeles Times article on October 28, 1993 revealed to shocked readers details of FBI involvement in the terrorist act. FBI spokesmen in Washington refuse comment.

The tapes became public knowledge when they were ordered released by a federal judge presiding over the case of the indicted suspects. The Justice Department fought hard to prevent their release.

The tapes which have been published by the New York Times reveal that Salem warned his FBI bosses that the World Trade Center was soon to be bombed and urged them to prevent it. Speculation is now rampant in political circles that certain factions within the government may have desired the bombing in order to speed passage. This suspicion was further fueled by the startling revelation that the FBI denied Salem's request to use phony explosives in the bomb he was helping to build under FBI supervision - the bomb ultimately used in the World Trade Center explosion.

Former Watergate associate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste warned that these tapes pose "an absolute nightmare for federal prosecutors." One high-ranking law enforcement officer who insisted on secrecy said that in less than a years time the FBI has been linked to criminal abuse of power and the mishandling of cases in three different instances. "First we had Weaver, where an HRT member shot a mother with a baby in her arms, then Waco, where mishandling led to the deaths of a hundred people, and now the World Trade Center, where it appears the bombing could not save happened unless the agency let it."

All of this comes on the heels of an Internal affairs report by the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility, linking FBI agents to everything from drug abuse to shoplifting. OPR's annual report provided further startling proof that the agency formally most respected for it's law enforcement skills - "has gone bad."

This contention is backed up by J.B. Campbell of the 'National Educator'. If the bombs had been placed properly, it could have toppled one tower into the other and brought them both down along with the 50,000 people inside. The New York Times now reports that the FBI could have thwarted the bombing by simply calling it off, or by building the bomb with harmless powder. One of the FBI conspirators, a former Egyptian army officer, secretly taped his meetings with his FBI handlers. Emad Ali Salem recalls in the tape recorded meeting that the FBI had planned on building the bomb with a phony powder and grabbing the people who had been entrapped in the plot. But the informer, who is heard lecturing his FBI handlers, said the powder scheme was called off and "we didn't do that."

We remember the FBI crowing about its investigative prowess after its remarkably swift nabbing of the suspects, based on debris found in the bomb's crater. This was never true, for later we were to learn that the FBI's informant, Emad Ali Salem, had to teach the suspects how to make a proper bomb. Not only did the FBI know the suspects all along, but it gave them a bomb. The FBI could have ordered Salem to make a harmless bomb but, for some reason, it decided to provide a real bomb which had the power to kill 50,000 people and to let the suspects go ahead and explode it. Our conclusion is that my prediction was 100% right on the mark.

It gets worse... The San Francisco Chronicle reported on September 25, 1993 that observers from 11 counties watched as the U.S. Department of Energy performed what it called the largest detonation of non-nuclear explosives ever conducted. The blast beneath the Nevada desert resulted from the ignition of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel, which produced a force equivalent to a one-kiloton nuclear bomb. The test was designed to allow scientists to distinguish between nuclear and non-nuclear blasts should a permanent worldwide ban on nuclear testing be established. Gee, all these years and they still don't know the difference.

Rumors began circulating in January of this year that meetings were being held among federal law enforcement agencies for the purpose of planning a move against the militia in April. Most ignored these rumors. On February 18th I spoke at a Constitution Party rally in Ferndale, Michigan. A federal agent in the audience held his badge and identification up to the crowd stating clearly that the federal government had held meetings among several agencies for the purpose of making an all out assault against patriots and the militias in April. His statement was videotaped and is on record. I verified his credentials. Such an attack would be political suicide unless some great tragedy turned the public against the militias

It was shortly after Michigan that we obtained a copy of the 'Omnibus Counter Terrorism Act of 1995' introduced on February 10th by Joe Biden in the Senate (S-390) and Charles Shumer in the House (HR-896). I remembered the random shooting that always occurred just before anti-gun legislation came up for a vote. I predicted a wave of terrorism directed against the United States would begin in the near future. I had already made this prediction in my book Behold a Pale Horse and during many lectures. It is all recorded. I knew this would happen if all other attempts to destroy patriotism and disarm the American people failed. I stated in the book that patriots would be labeled terrorists.

A warning was contained in a memo issued by the U.S. Marshals Service on March 15th. The memo expressed fear that the terrorist attacks would be designed to attract worldwide press attention to an Islamic religious vendetta through the mass murder of innocent victims. The warning stated that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to launch suicide attacks against federal courthouses and government installations throughout the United States. The memo was sent to federal facilities nationwide. Authorities reviewed the security at Oklahoma city's Alfred P. Murrah federal building, nothing was changed, and one guard was left to patrol a four building complex. Representative James Saxton (R), a senior member of the House Task force on Terrorism, said his group had alerted law enforcement and intelligence personnel on February 27th that there was an increased threat of terrorism. Another rumor flew through the grapevine. This one alleged that the federal government would make an all out attack upon patriots and the militias on March 24th and 25th. The rumor came from many sources and was published in 'Strategic Investment' lending credibility to the story.

* Strategic investment/March 22, 1995, behind the lines, by Jack Wheeler - The slaughter of dozens of women and children in Waco by government storm troopers under the command of Field Marshall Reno may pale in comparison to what has been planned for late March: a nationwide BATF/FBI assault on private militias as the prelude to a possible declaration of martial law throughout the United States. All leaves and vacations have been canceled for BATF/FBI personnel, and for various State Police and national Guards such as California's. The Army's infamous Joint Task Force Six (which did the training for Waco) has been training BATF jackbooters with Bradley Assault Vehicles at Ft. Bliss, Texas. Government agent provocateurs are set to plant fully automatic and heavy weapons like rocket launchers, on the property of militia leaders. Every militia in the country - and there are dozens, many of which are as well-armed and well-led by former or even active-duty officers - is on a state of Red Alert. Should Reno be stupid enough to actually attack them militarily, there is going to be a lot of blood. The establishment media is programmed to immediately thereafter thunderously bellow for nationwide gun confiscation and even martial law. The Senate Armed Forces Committee has been alerted and is questioning key Defense and Justice people behind closed doors. Hopefully, Reno's Waco 2 can be stopped in time. But that it was plotted in the first place should be a sobering lesson as to what a horrifying extent liberalism, the political philosophy of the administration and the Democratic Party, has been converted into a close cousin of fascism.

Three Congressmen believed these stories to be true and wrote letters to Janet Reno asking for an explanation. They cited law enforcement sources. No answer was forthcoming. Nothing could happen unless something were to occur that would turn the public against the militia. I put out feelers through our people across the nation and the answer came back the same. We could not identity any patriot or militia organization that would do anything of the nature that would be required to justify an all out assault upon patriots and the militia. We knew only that the March dates were bogus. April approached. I had no hard evidence that anything would occur in April, only reports from many credible sources, and fearing this could be an attempt to discredit the Intelligence Service the 'Hour of the Time' and 'Veritas', we maintained silence. Ordo Ab Chao...

On Monday, April 17th the Orange County Register reported that the FBI will open an international police training academy in Budapest. In an incredible admission of the socialist agenda Clinton announced that American law-enforcement agencies are rapidly expanding overseas, deploying agents to dozens of countries in scores of joint investigations. This followed on the heels of the recent announcement that the FBI had opened an office in Moscow and what used to be the KGB had opened an office in the United States. These facts herald the formation of a nucleus for a world police/investigative body. David Johnston of the New York Times reported, "Last year, Freeh opened an FBI office in Moscow, one of an overseas network of 24 such offices, forward command posts for an increasingly global detective agency. He has alsobeen a driving force behind the Budapest training academy."

My worst fears became reality on Wednesday morning, April 19, 1995. One of our agents woke me from a sound sleep shortly after 7 am, Arizona Standard Time, to report that a bomb had gone off at the federal building in Oklahoma City. I ran to the phone and began to contact our agents. Responsibility for the on-scene supervision of the investigation was assigned to our Oklahoma Station Chief. Information began to flow. It became obvious within hours that what had happened and what was being reported by the media were two, completely different, events. The event reported by the news networks must have taken place in China because it sure didn't happen in Oklahoma City. The official investigation of the Intelligence Service and CAJI News Service produced the following:

1. Witnesses reported hearing two distinct explosions, seconds apart, then the ominous rumbling of the building falling in upon itself.

2. Survivors who were in the building near the front wall reported being hurled out of the front of the federal building through cinder block walls into the street.

3. The front of the federal building was thrown out, away from the federal building, and into the building across the street.

4. A large crater was blown into the street immediately in front and slightly to the left of center when facing what had been the front of the federal building.

5. The first video tape of the disaster shows two large columns of black smoke, one rising from the crater area in the street, and the other rising from the center of the federal building.

6. Undetonated plastic explosives were found on the scene by the first rescue workers. A rocket launcher was also found. This was reported then later denied. Witnesses stick to the original story.

7. Officials reported that a second bomb had been found and police began an immediate evacuation of the entire down town area. Radio buffs and Intelligence Service agents monitoring scanners confirmed that radio traffic indicated that a second bomb had been found. Explosives experts were called in along with a bomb disposal truck. This was seen on television and those monitoring scanners confirmed that the disarming of the bomb was in progress. The following was intercepted by scanner and reported by 3 different people. We did not hear it and we have not been able to obtain a tape. The speakers are unknown. Except for minor differences all 3 people reported exactly the same conversation. First voice - "Boy, you're not gonna believe this!" Second voice - "Believe what?" First voice - "I can't believe it... this is a military bomb!" After several hours the bomb disposal truck left and the report of a second bomb was denied.

8. Two people identifying themselves as firemen, but refusing to give their names, reported that the second bomb was in fact several bombs, olive drab colored cans of fulminate of mercury, clearly labeled as such, with MilSpec numbers, which were found intact on separate floors next to the elevator shaft. Officials denied these allegations. The following day an elderly gentleman who identified himself as the father of one of the firemen called to confirm that his son had reported the same findings to him. He refused to give his name.

9. Initial examination of the bomb scene revealed that a minimum of two bombs were needed to inflict the damage that presented. The steel reinforced concrete pillars that held up the building were sheered off at ground level clear back to the third pillar throughout the building. Explosives experts have confirmed that this is impossible with the one bomb scenario being presented by the government and the media. The reports of the survivors who were blown out of the front of the building into the street and the front of the building blown outward across the street support their findings. A Retired General who had spent over 25 years in explosives research and ultimately commanded the explosives research facility for a branch of the military informed us that the pillars could only be taken down at ground level by satchel charges or shaped charges placed upon each pillar. His mathematics are impressive. We do not have the expertise to understand what he is talking about, but with his credentials someone had better listen.

After the brief but painful accusations against the Islamic community and the arrest of several people of mid-eastern descent including one traveler at London's Heathrow Airport, the accusations swung right around as I had predicted to patriots and the militias. The most incredible hate campaign in the history of the world was directed toward Islamics, Christians, whites, males, patriots, militias, anyone using diesel fuel, anyone using fertilizer, anyone from the state of Michigan, all who support the Constitution for the United States of America, and people who live in Arizona, especially talk radio hosts.

The New York Post dubbed me a "white supremacist". Jesse Jackson in the Los Angeles Times called me a "white supremacist". My wife is Chinese and I am part American Indian. My daughter is half Chinese, part American Indian, English, Scotch and Irish.

The standard Ryder rental truck reared its ugly head and within hours the FBI not only had enough parts to identify the type of truck but had already traced it to the rental agency. (Incredible)

The FBI quickly produced what appeared to be drawings of near photograph quality of two suspects. When I commented, during my broadcast, upon the photographic quality of the drawings, the FBI issued a new drawing of John Doe #2 the following morning which looked more like a drawing. Since McVeigh had already been captured they left his alone.

The man who is accused of bombing the federal building was caught speeding in a car, his own, without license plates. He was arrested, without resistance, for carrying a concealed weapon and jailed. (How convenient) A CBS feed on the KU satellite band reported that the initial report that the concealed weapon was a gun was in error. The commentator (a woman) reported that the concealed weapon for which McVeigh was jailed was a knife. This report was never aired to our knowledge.

The FBI and the media reported that McVeigh lived in Kinsman, Arizona at Canyon West Trailer Park. He was described as having lived in trailer #19. under the name of his girlfriend. They reported that he was evicted after a stormy nine months in which the man played loud music, left piles of beer cans and a wrecked car by the trailer and belligerently refused to obey camp rules. It was also reported that McVeigh fired automatic weapons frequently into the desert. When our agents questioned these same people they stated that McVeigh had lived in trailer #11 from June 1993 until early September 1993. They described Tim McVeigh as a nice man quiet and neat. "He was a nice guy, a model tenant."

The pawn-shop owner, William Stumpp, killed in Texarkana by Richard Wayne Snell was not a Jew and the press knew this all the time they reported that he was a Jew. Stumpp was an Episcopalian not Jewish.

Alacia Adams Esquivios has signed an affidavit stating that she saw John Doe #2 on April 19th in a white government van traveling south on highway 44 at 5:15 pm. She called the FBI on the morning of the 21st and reported what she saw. She was told an agent would contact her for an interview. No one showed. She called again on Monday the 24th. The person who answered the phone said and agent would come out and interview her. She is still waiting.

Members of the St. Lucie-based second regiment of the Florida State Militia report that Timothy McVeigh attended a local militia rally last year as a bodyguard for Mark Koernke. Koernke denies any knowledge of McVeigh.

On April 21st our Station Chief obtained the seismograph report from Oklahoma University which can be found in this issue. Dr. Luza informed us that it shows two unmistakable "events" that happened in the Oklahoma City area, the first at 9:02 am followed by the second 10 seconds later. Both are surface events similar in signature to a quarry blast, both of approximately the same duration and magnitude. No other disturbance occurred the morning of the 19th of April in the Oklahoma City area. The seismograph confirms witness reports of two explosions. In our interview Dr. Luza said the second event could not have been an echo or bounce back because the seismograph would have shown a distinctly separate pattern if it had been either of those two things, and geologists are easily able to recognize the secondary pattern when such an echo or bounce back occurs. When asked if the second event could have been caused by the crashing of the building as it collapsed, Dr. Luza said no, and explained that had the seismograph recorded the collapse of the building, the second markings would have been of a much lesser magnitude, and it did not take the building ten seconds after the explosion to begin to collapse. In his closing remarks, Dr. Luza stated that the two events were of identical magnitude, as if the same bomb had gone off twice, and that if the second event had been caused by an echo or anything else, the seismographic record would not have shown such perfect consistency between the two events. His conclusion was that there were definitely two separate explosions in the Oklahoma City area separated by only 10 seconds.

The official interpretation of the seismograph record from the Oklahoma Geological Survey Seismograph Station in Norman, Oklahoma is that they recorded a large surface-wave "train" at 9:02:13 a.m. (140213 UTC) shortly after the explosion at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The seismometer is located approximately four miles north of Norman and sixteen miles from downtown Oklahoma City. A second large surface-wave was recorded at 9:02:23 a.m. (140223 UTC). The location and source of the second surface-wave recording is unknown. The record is read from top to bottom and from left to right.

The small vertical offsets of the horizontal lines are minute marks. Hour marks are twice as long as the minute marks.

We obtained a second seismographic reading from the Oklahoma City Omniplex. The station is very close to the federal building and the seismograph reflects that fact. The two explosions are registered on this graph, as blank spaces where the needle literally jumped off the sheet. The events are separated by a 10 seconds of ink. No experts exist at the Omniplex station. The employee who gave us our copy said it was miraculous that the Omniplex had any records at all because the seismograph had not been working up until 40 minutes prior to the explosions. The Omniplex is located at the Kirkpatrick Center, at 50th and Martin Luther King Blvd. The FBI seized the original seismographic record. Our copy is a copy of a copy made before the seizure by an employee.

One of the federal agents who died in the blast was the former head of President Clinton's Secret Service team of bodyguards. How many does that make?

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating is an ex-FBI agent.

Anti-terrorism bill is now on the fast track.

In a "Bullet Poll" conducted by KTBS-TV Channel 3, Shreveport, Louisiana and reported on April 20th the following question was asked... "Would you be willing to give up some of your freedom for a little security?" 74% reportedly fell into the category bracketed by "some-most-all".

On April 28th the tape of James Nichols hearing was released by court order and it was blank. Nothing whatsoever could be heard on the tape. It was the only record of the proceedings.

Office workers state that almost all of the FBI and BATF agents and an unbelievable number of supervisory personnel did not arrive at work at their usual time on Wednesday, April 19, 1995 and were not in the building when the bomb went off.

To the best of our knowledge, the text on this page may be freely reproduced and distributed.
If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy.


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