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United Nations Drafts Global Gun Control Plank

© 08/24/97 Ian Williams Goddard

The Washington Times [*] reports that a United
Nations committee passed a resolution calling
for member nations to adopt measures to limit
the private ownership of firearms in an effort
to consolidate central-government monopolies
of firearm ownership. As the Times reports:

NEW YORK -- In an effort to reduce
firearm-related crime and violence
worldwide, a U.N. commission is
drafting recommendations it hopes
will curb gun ownership and use.
The draft resolution, passed without
objection last month by the 54-member
U.N. Economic and Social Committee,
encourages member states to consider
adopting regulations dealing with
illegal or unsafe use of firearms.

Such U.N. promoted regulations would include
(a) licensing of all firearms businesses, (b)
amnesty programs for the surrender of privately
owned illegal firearms, © mandatory gun safety
training where ownership is legal, (d) standard-
ized penalties for firearms violations, and (e)
creating a universal serial-number system to
keep track of all privately owned firearms.

The Times cited reasons given by U.N. officials
as to why such global gun control is necessary:

In North America, for example,
firearms might be closely linked
with robbery and homicides.

The illicit-drug trade is a primary cause of
robbery and homicide, but if we ignore that
fact we can promote more prohibitions lead-
ing to yet more negative side-effects. While
illicit drugs enrich the super-mega-wealthy
through trafficking and money laundering,
gun control would disarm their workers.

In Washington D.C., with one of the highest
rates of homicide in the U.S., private gun
ownership is 100% illegal, giving armed thugs
free rein to exploit an unarmed population.
Since firearms are the last defense of private
property, armed thugs profit from gun control.
Another U.N. reason for global gun control:

In Africa and the Balkins, he
said, gun trafficking is tied
to civil unrest.

If we could stop the flow of guns to those
ethnic subsets targeted for extermination in
Africa and the Balkins we could indeed reduce
the amount of "civil unrest." For example,
consider two Nazi death camps, in Nazi camp 1
all prisoners are unarmed, in 2 all are armed.
There will be more "unrest" in Nazi camp 2.
To maximize "civil rest" the Nazis enforced
100% gun control to keep prisoners unarmed.
It seems that the U.N. has similar plans.

The last example given by a U.N. official for
gun control is an example of the need FOR the
traffic in firearms to people in areas where
they are being targeted for extermination.

Firearms can defend the weak and can thereby
ensure justice. All gun control measures work
toward building a monopoly of gun ownership by
the central authorities, who are those with the
maximum strength. By definition, gun control
strengthens the strong and weakens the weak,
and in so doing, gun control will tend to
maximize injustice.

While the U.N. is very concerned about private
citizens with private guns killing other people,
perhaps we should consider the fact that central
authorities have murdered tens of millions WITH
THE AID OF GUN CONTROL. Gun control is a key
to tyranny, exploitation, and mass murder.

How many slaves had a right to gun ownership?
How many Nazi death-camp prisoners had a right
to keep and bear arms? Some people want to be
like slaves and Nazi prisoners, many people in
power want others to be like slaves and Nazi
prisoners, those who love freedom do not.

Visit Ian Williams Goddard ------> http://www.erols.com/igoddard

[*] THE WASHINGTON TIMES: U.N. Eyes Curbs on Owning
Firearms. By Betsy Pisik, August 24, 1997, A1-A7.

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