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The Way of the World is Force

by Charley Reese

If someone puts a .45 to your head and pulls the trigger, you are going to die. Laws, public opinion, ethics, ideals, treaties, Geneva conventions and personal preferences will not prevent your death.

As a Buddhist sage observed, "If you understand, the world is the way it is; if you do not understand, the world is the way it is."

The way of the world is force. You may not like that. You may choose not to believe it. But it is true. The world is ruled by force.

Public opinion is worthless. It will not stop a handgun, much less a tank or a missile. Law is nothing but rules you apply after you have subdued people by force. Laws, without being backed up by more force, are not worth the ink they're written with.

Americans suffer from peaceitis, a mental disability. It has the same effect as a hallucinatory drug. It makes intelligent and educated people live in an illusory world that never has existed.

Peaceitis results from living too long in an artificial environment in which the reality of the world is concealed from view.

Most Americans who have never seen a burned corpse, a body torn apart by shrapnel or bullets or those peculiar mouth-shapes left by a knife or bayonet on flesh begin to think that words and ideas are what control the world, that any difference can be negotiated, that any conflict can be managed. They think that if everybody is well-fed and housed, they all will be nice.

The reality is that the most terrible things are done by well-fed, well- housed people.

A penniless, starving peasant is no more of a threat than a crippled, starving lion. He has no power. He's probably stupid as a result of protein deficiency. He has no education. He has no training. He has no physical energy. He cannot make a revolution. He cannot afford a bullet, much less a gun. He is drudge labor, sometimes useful as cannon fodder. His principal role is to be a victim.

Peasant revolutions are middle-class fantasies, useful propaganda tools. In reality, they do not exist and never have.

The mild form of insanity known as peaceitis most recently manifested itself in the reaction to the invasion of Grenada. Intellectual crooks and peaceitis victims argued that Grenada was no threat to us. Of course, Grenada by its self was no threat to us. Grenada was being converted to a platform for Soviet Weapons.

This was being done by a government that imposed itself by force on the people of Grenada. We removed the threat by force.

What keeps you alive and free are nuclear warheads, tanks, rifles, machine guns and trained warriors ready to use them. It is not economics, philosophy, ethics, negotiations, treaties or laws. Power and the will to use it are the only things standing between us and the grave.

People infected with peaceitis are a threat to the physical safety of themselves and their fellow Americans. They try to prevent the use of American power. They try to prevent the proper arming and upkeep of our military power. In their sickness some think that military power not only is unnecessary but is evil in itself.

You cut a throat. The rightness or wrongness of it doesn't matter to the dead man. He is still dead. Whether the death is a good death or bad death depends on whether you like or dislike the dead person. Whether the man dies or lives depends solely on whether the knife thrust can be deflected and the knife wielder killed or disabled.

You can't depend on force, victims of peaceitis proclaim. Actually, you can't depend on anything but force. Diplomacy works only if it's backed by force. Diplomacy itself is about force; the threat of it, the use of it, the direction of it. Peace is nothing but the aftermath of war or the interlude between wars. War or the threat of war is what makes a peace, or else there is no peace.

Whether people like us or hate us is irrelevant. Our choice is to be feared or to be a victim. There is no other choice.

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