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Louis Farrakhan Decodes ID4

Farrakhan Decodes ID4

[from Skeptic, vol 4 #3]

The post-July 4th issue of the Nation of Islam's Final Call
newspaper answered the question: "Whose Independence Day?" In
the film of that name the Farrakhanites saw--not a sci fi plot line
but multiple plots against them. The movie's acronym, ID4; "is a
bio-genetic reference to a genetic inhibitor which ceases certain
procedures in evolution and life, according to researchers at
M.I.T.," the alma mater of the "Jewish genius" played by Jeff
Goldblum. Its menacing "mother ship" is a ripoff of the NOI's very
own "Mother Plane"--"a human-built planet, a half mile by a half a
mile" carrying "1500 smaller baby planes" with bombs "designed
for the destruction of this world"--that was visited on September
17, 1985, by none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan, who
received advanced warning from deceased NOI prophet Elijah
Muhammad's disembodied voice of Ronald Reagan's imminent plan
to bomb Qadaffi's Libya. Independent confirmation of the Reagan
UFO connection is provided by "Col. Colman S. Vonkevickzky,
MMSE,...a former Hungarian staff major and a military scientist
who said he has been engaged over 45 years in dealing with the
United Nations about the UFO phenomenon. In a telephone
interview, Col. Vonkevickzky said that former President Ronald
Reagan and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev
spent five hours in confidential talks during the 1985 Geneva
Conference, discussing what military strategies to take in the event
of alien attack against earth." But such military countermeasures
are futile: "All of the methods used by the government to harm the
real 'Mother Plane' have failed, just as their efforts to crush the
Nation of Islam have failed...Frankly, this government needs help-
desperately. I think the best thing they can do is consult with
Minister Farrakhan." Washington cannot plead ignorance because
it has known the truth since that July 4th long ago when NOI
founder Master Fard Muhammad "met with the former President
Herbert Hoover. The portrayal of a President that occurs in the
movie...actually happened in 1930." The film's "happy ending" -
another Hollywood Jewish coverup - also falsifies the apocalyptic
future in which the extraterrestrials will win- as part of Allah's
judgment against the white man.

(The NOI could have, but did not, invoke in support of its
conspiracy theories the plot of the 1980's cult classic, The
Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai, also featuring Jeff Goldblum,
whose premise was that the Martians really invaded Grover's Mills,
New Jersey, in 1938, and that Orson Welles's radio broadcast
covered it up.)
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