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by Ko-chan

An important tactic in imperialism is to keep unrest at home in control. Restrictions on freedom and a constant feed of propaganda (Fox News, MSNBC) help this. Things will continue on this route until we or the next generation are living in a version of the society in 1984, while our government, being the amoeba that it is, continues to expand its influence and clench its fist on the world.

This really isn't that big of a deal as the whole system will collapse in on itself after some amount of years, decades, or centuries. After all, anything mechanical must stop at one point or another due to wear and tear, the gears will just stop turning; they call it entropy. The world will end for a lot of people and the affected nations will start reestablishing themselves and taking over other weakened nations and others will have to start over altogether.

Nature rights all wrongs, those who try to rush such things are the first to die, but since those people can be considered an element unto themselves they may well be the ones who do nature's work, I guess its in their programming.

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