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Argue the Pledge

by anth0r

People have a real big thing for arguing. That's all we talk about. Things that provoke conversation are almost always controversial. I could start a conversation about love and people would chime in, not to say how wonderful love is, but how love sucks. Or why one love song is better than another. The most popular topics to talk about are always argument provoking. Abortion comes to my mind first. I could really care less about it myself. I'll eat the baby if you don't fuckin want it. But, getting back to the topic... The news is all about bad news. There is no good news. 'No news is good news'. That's one of my grandpa's favorite sayings to use. For as much as we promote optimism in society and as much as we like to pretend to look on the bright side of life, it seems quite odd that most conversation is not based on such things. But anyhow.

Today is Tuesday, October 21, 2003. Right now one of the biggest argument provoking topics is the American Pledge of Allegiance. Seems pretty important, eh? Big words involved. Supreme Court. Judge. Unconstitutional. Big shit huh? Well, I was thinking about this today. How important is it? I think this is just something big for a bunch of people to argue about. My stance, I hope you know, is that the current pledge is bogus and if anyone does recite anything at all, it should be the real pledge: I pledge allegiance to my Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with equality, liberty and justice for all.

Getting back to this... So really. Is it that important? I think it's a big scam. If it was really that great of a thing, why do only children recite it all the time? Sounds like someone's trying to brainwash a buncha lil ones doesn't it? If it actually meant anything to the union as a whole, the president would lead the whole fucking country in a recital of the pledge every morning on TV. Wouldn't he? And everyone would stand up with their little limp hands, tired from wringing and masturbation, slap them over their hearts with an unwilled jolt of their muscles and bloody recite the damn thing with him just like all the lil children.

That's what would happen if anyone really gave a shit.

Pretty stupid sounding isn't it? Sounds kinda like church to me. Just think. You let your children go through it everyday. How right is that? Very right... if ya know what I mean.

So, obviously it's not that important. So why are so many people getting involved and pissed off? Because it was a "Supreme Court Justice" who stood up to it. Someone just had to be the big fucking rightwing hero and blurt out a buncha nonsense, Not because he cared that much about the pledge, or even about his relation to god, for that matter, but because he had to fuckin argue it, just because he's like that.

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