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Society's Trap

by Rebelde para Siempre

Part 1 - What is the purpose of your life?

What is the focus of your life right now?

Chances are that you are in school, or working some job that you really don't like. Now the majority of people will agree with me when I say that school is not the most entertaining of experiences in our lives, and the rest will also agree that working some poor ass backbreaking job is a rather pointless activity as well.

Let us look at what purpose these activities actually serve. Well, the reason for working the pointless and hard job is to make MONEY you say. O.K well I agree with you.

Well then the reason we go to school is so we can get an education, AND THEN get a job. Albeit a slightly less tiresome one - if you happen to go through many years of education.

So basically the reason we do these two things is to make MONEY.

Now think about how many years we have to live on this earth. Probably around 70-100 years at the most right? Well then how many years do we spend getting an 'education' or working? Most likely around 15 years of schooling and possibly more whilst working. All together we may spend approximately 30 - 40 years either being 'educated' or working. Almost half of your entire life. All that time was spent on your pursuit of wealth and material possessions. Then you become old, people forget about you because you no longer work. You no longer have as much money to buy pretty new things. All the possessions you have are not of interest to you.

Then you die.

All of the money and 'wealth' accumulated throughout your life no longer exist. YOU no longer exist. The only way that you may continue to exist is through the memories of others. You may pass on your genes to your children and they may look up to you, but not many other people do. You become a statistic. One of the millions of pointless lives that had no effect on this world.

Was your life worthwhile? What did you do to make a difference in this world? How will you be remembered?

No it wasn't worthwhile, you did nothing to make a difference, you will be remembered as a nobody.

Part ii - What happened to us?

We became a product of the society around us. Everyone hounded us. They said we needed to get good jobs. They said we needed to raise a family. They said that we must take our place in the bee-hive that is humanity and contribute to society, making your boss rich and one day hoping that you may rise to thier status. I am not saying that it is bad to get a high paid job, I am not saying that it is bad to aim for a high position, but It has consumed our lives until nothing is left.

The media and our society have turned us into passive, mindless slaves. Only concerned with the material solutions to 'modern day living', trying to make our meaningless lives easier, trying to define us as people with consumerism and commercialism.

Once we know these things we question ourselves, we question the way the world works, and our protected view of the world is changed. So the questions are asked - How can I make my life worthwhile? How can I make a difference?

These are things that MUST BE ANSWERED BY YOURSELVES. When you can truthfully make a decision on what is truly worthwhile, only then will your mindset and perception of this world change. Only then will you realise what is actually important and what is merely a facade.

Desperation may set in. You say "I am only one man, what can I actually do?" Do not convince yourself that there is nothing. Know that even small things can have a profound impact on the world. People (and the world) may work on a 'ripple effect'. The changes start small but may gradually get bigger.

I know that if you have read this far then I have made a difference, however small. Just remember these questions -



"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!"

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