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We Do Have a Purpose

by Scott

We are all one big brain, telling lies to stop from going insane. And on the whole we have been convincing ourselves rather well for a long time. But now I am assuming that we are going to do to ourselves what we did once before. My theory is that humanity was not born on earth, rather it was relocated here at the appropriate time, and since then we have forgotten what we did to ourselves that made us leave the old place.

Humans have machinery and architecture, circuitry, symmetry, etc inbuilt, and it shows when we build homes, machines, draw, paint, write and even make music. This feeling of control, of things connecting together to work as one. I look at the earth and see how we don't fit in.

We pave it and crush it and build our own forms of shelter and entertainment. We strive forward always. We conquer, destroy, explore and discover. We are always moving forward. Breakthoughs and discoveries happen every single day, while the rest of the inhabitants of this earth (animals and plants) do what they have always done.

I think the humans are part of a much. It is alike to the ways certain insects and plants unknowingly help each other in their environments. For example, animals were created to help plants move seeds around. Plants use certain insects to move seeds around for them. They rely on this as a species.

Ok, lets look at that another way:

Humans were created to bring the machine lifeform into existance.

There is much more to that idea than just the Matrix and Terminator movies. It all assumes that this lifeform is "artificial" because we created it. But I get the feeling it is not artifical, and machine life has been around longer than us. In fact; I am saying machine life invented usto create itself.

Before humans relocated to earth, they lived on another planet, similar to this one. After many many centuries of discovery and exploration, they inevitably created "artifical life". Which would mean that after a certain amount of time, the machine would create other machines, and so on. The result would be machines that are smarter than us, and a lifeform that is less smart than another lifeform cannot possibly comprehend its actions. Machines would be smarter than humans.

Humans would not rule the world anymore. They would be second best and lose the need to discover and explore in the traditional ways. Only at this time will humans start using their brains to full capacity, because we would feel we can do things the machines can't do. We would abandon worldy possesions and traditional ways and start leaving our bodies to travel across space and time, through medititation etc.

Because the machines now rule the world, we would lose the urge to win and decide to relocate to a place where life is available. Through our journey out of our bodies we come across a small blue planet bubbling with life. WE find a suitable candidate to accept us and inject our spirits into the type of monkey. Given time to evolve and the drawback of entering this species of animal meant forgetting everything we knew. But it did not matter at that point, because the human racewould not survive on the planet of machines.

We forgot everything we knew and started the whole process of creating more machine lifeforms. Or some might say that humans are the seeds that grow the machines.

There are many things that back up this theory. The fact that we all hate bugs, keep rooms clean and prefer to stay indoors. Why we search for truth. Why we constantly ask what is the meaning to our existance.

Who knows how long we have been doing this. I wonder if the machines have an ultimate goal as well. Maybe they help breed an even higher lifeform. I wonder when the machines will stop evolving.

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