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Switch to the Libertarian Party

by Glen Rickerd

The following letter appeared in the Contra Costa Times, Sunday, June 24, 1990.


To the editor:

On June 5, for the first time, I actually enjoyed voting. For years I have put up with the same election day frustrations that we all face: choosing between the lesser of two evils, frustrated because my vote was lost in the clamor of so many issues bundled together, wondering if going to the polls was worth the effort.

Then I discovered the Libertarian Party. I was surprised at how closely their philosophy matched my own: strong on personal freedoms like the "Liberals", strong on economic freedoms and fiscal responsibility like the "Conservatives".

Here, at last, was a political group I could truly identify with. My conversion was not instant, but the more I heard the more sense it made. After last November's election I re-registered as a Libertarian.

The big surprise came in the polling booth, when I realized that even though "my" candidate would certainly not be elected, my vote would be heard. The Libertarian philosophy has some very powerful ideas about government. As our voice grows, the Status Quo political machine will not be able to ignore it.

If you are tired of feeling that your vote is wasted on election day, try the Libertarian Party, for a change.

Glen Rickerd

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