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Animal vs. Vegetable Protein

by Tom Friedel

The general gist of these conversations is usually animal protein is better, but vegetable protein is O.K.

Here is one paragraph from a popular book by Nutrition expert, UCLA prof. Dr. Roy Walford 'The 120 Year Diet' that indicates the opposite.

"Replacement of animal with vegetable protein in the diet will lower cholesterol and LDL and favorably influence both the onset and the course of arteriosclerosis. This effect is not merely due to the greater fat intake associated with animal protein, since it can be observed (in animals) with low-fat, choloesterol-free semi-purified diets in which milk and soybean proteins are compared. Figure 5.3 dramatically shows the effect of blood cholesterol on feeding various types of protein for 28 days to rabbits maintained on cholesterol free diets. We see that all plant proteins are better than any animal proteins..."

[The figure shows the effect of 8 meats and 8 non-meats, and the meats are all worse (in terms of blood cholesterol) than the plants. Of course the vegetarian rabbit will show this effect in a more pronounced way than the probably originally omnivorous human, but epidemological (spelling) evidence indicates that humans have the same response.

The ref is Federation Proceeedings, K.K. Carroll 41:2792

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