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US Military to Target APC in "Netwar"?

by Chris Bailey

US Military to Target APC in "Netwar"?

A study prepared for the US military on what they call "Netwar" concludes that they must center attention on countering the activities of NGOs using Internet communication.

The study was sponsored by the US Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and was produced in the RAND Arroyo Center's Strategy and Doctrine Program. The Arroyo Center is a federally funded reasearch and development center sponsored by the United States Army.

Based on an analysis of the international solidarity developed by NGOs in support of the Zapatistas, it particularly targets the APC as a network for NGOs:

"The most important remains the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), which, as discussed earlier, is a worldwide partnership of member networks (like Peacenet and Conflictnet) that provides low-cost computer communications services and information-sharing tools to individuals and NGOs working on social issues."

Chris Bailey

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