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Freedom Doesn't Exist!

by SomeEverydayNobody

With this bullshit war against Iraq, brought forth by the ever so smart American government [can anyone smell sarcasm!?], we've [we being basically the whole world] been hearing a lot about freedom. For example, about how America is fighting for its freedom [bullshit, I know!]. But tell me, how free is America [Amerika!]? How free is Canada [the best country on this fucking planet!], Germany, China, Britain, Australia, Cuba, Denmark, Nigeria [etc.]?

The painful truth is, no matter where you go on this planet, you're going to be told how you can live your life. They [they being the government, of whichever country you choose] like to make us believe that they aren't restricting our lives, but rather giving us freedom [depending on the country of course]. BULLSHIT! Freedom compared to what? Sure, here in Canada/Amerika we're not slaves, nor are our lives being completely run by the government. However, we are still nothing but a bunch of pawns, in a game of politics. We get jerked around, and lied to on a consistent basis. Those assholes 'running' our countries are in it for a few simple things; THEIR NEEDS! THEIR WANTS! THEIR BIG FAT MOTHERFUCKING PAY CHEQUES!

Politicians need us. We [society] vote them into power, pay their wages, and control where they stand on the political ladder. Sounds like a good deal, eh? It would be, if it wasn't for the fact that, instead of using their power to give us the freedom we deserve, they use it to manipulate us more. Basically, with a higher position they gain more publicity. Publicity allows for them to get into our heads. Using ads, interviews, and short comments after political meetings, they pound their shit into our heads. Even if we don't think about what they say, or care about it, we've still heard it, and we're still influenced by it. Somewhere in our minds, whether we're aware of it or not, an opinion has been formed, and it may come to surface someday, or it may not. All the politician hopes for, is that come voting time, these opinions are positive, that way they get the power, and money they were searching for. Do you honestly think they care to improve our lives? FUCK NO!

So far I've outlined how we're all nothing more then political pawns, and how politicians use us to gain their power. But what does this have to do with freedom [or a lack thereof]? Well, us pawns deserve freedom, and the politicians run the government that refuses to give it to us. But really, the politicians' being spineless assholes isn't the worst part. The worst part is that 98% of society, consists of spineless assholes. It's obvious the politicians crave power and money. And they get it. We crave freedom, but are yet to ever get true freedom. Why? Because most of us seem to think we are not in control. Most people believe the government actually has a right to do what they do. It never crosses the mind of the average Joe, that we're being forced to follow these laws simply because of where we choose to live on this earth, and that no matter where we go, we can't escape them. Who the fuck gave anybody the right, to tell anybody else how to live? Because somebody came along, and stole land from native people, and declared it theirs, they are instantly given the right to create documents declaring how anyone who lives on said land must live?

We are being forced to follow laws whether or not we agree with them. Sure, in a democracy the people do have a say in the laws [well, until you're 18 your opinion doesn't matter, but still must follow all these laws, that you have no say in!], but there is always still a large amount of people who are being forced to abide by something they don't agree with. Not to mention the laws, which we haven't, and won't ever have a say in. Also, those in power decide when they want our opinion. A million people may want a new law put in place, or an old one taken out, but until some guy up the political ladder decides its something society will now be allowed to be concerned with, the matter isn't touched. You can have all the fucking protests, and petitions you want, but they are worth shit. But remember, your opinion matters to the government! When they decide to listen to it, and how hard they listen is a different story!

So, we're all a bunch of pawns, who are only cared about when we're feeding some politician the votes he needs, and we're forced to live by rules that we may or may not agree with, because the majority decides it's the right thing. But what if you don't follow rules?

That's where the police come in. A government run operation, consisting of people the same as you and me, given the special right to cage up any human being they feel like. Hell, even if you haven't broken a law, they can throw you in a fucking cage just because they think you may have. MAY HAVE! MAY HAVE! They are taking human beings, and denying them the right to live their lives, on speculation. And when these people are finally set 'free' again, what do they receive as compensation? They are given an apology. Well gee-golly! That sure makes up for taking you away from your family, and friends to rot in a cell. In my opinion, every cop deserves to be murdered. I would love to see a good dozen cops murdered while they sip on coffee at a local coffee shop. Every single cop deserves to die. There is not one that doesn't. And they can all be thankful I don't own a gun, and don't have the money to buy one! Why you ask? Well, every one of them has decided that they would make themselves special, so as they could gain control over the average citizen. They want to strip men and women of the few rights and little freedom they are given. They want to throw people who aren't even given a voice [people who are 17 and under] into jails, where they can be beaten, raped and forced to live exactly how they are told. Every cop is looking for a bullet in the face!

I'm not a complete fanatic though. While I don't believe anybody should be denied their freedom, I do believe some people aren't fit to live with the majority of society. People who murder without reason, rape, assault*, steal*, and the like, shouldn't be allowed to live with those who don't do such things. Before I get into punishments, I want to address the asterisks. With assault, it depends on the situation. When two people get into a fight, neither deserves to be denied their freedom for it. So long as they only hurt each other, what the fuck does it matter? As well, neither of the consenting parties should be allowed to sue for injuries. When you get into a fight you should know you're jumping into a situation that could get very, VERY ugly. It's not the fault of the guy who beat your head in that you don't know how to walk away. As for stealing, it depends on who from, and why. If I steal a TV from my neighbor, just to sell it to line my pockets, well, that's wrong. However, if I steal a TV from Wal-Mart, so I can sell it, because I'm broke, and on the verge of dying, then I see no fault in it.

When it comes to punishment, it depends on the severity of what you did, and/or how many times you've done it. I see no problem in sending criminals to a place where they can live, only with each other. Let them kill and steal from each other. Who gives a fuck? If that's how they want to live, then let them. Just don't let their shitty lifestyles affect those who have decided to live an honest life. In my opinion, rapists should be killed. It's very simple. People who kill even one person for no reason, or a stupid reason [i.e.: to steal their wallet] should be killed. And child molesters should be tortured. Child molesters prey on weak, impressionable and easily manipulated people. They prey on kids. They do not deserve anything. By doing something so disgusting, violent, pathetic, and horrible as forcing a child into sexual acts, a person shows clearly, how low and useless they are. Death should be what known child molesters dream of after a day of violent torture. But enough of my feelings on those pieces of shit.

But without a government, who should decide the fate of criminals? It's simple. The people. If areas of land where broken off into large communities, it would be very easy for them to run themselves. And when they have proof of what a person did, the members of the community [or those who care to have their opinion heard] can decide together what happens to the person. But in NO case should a person be denied their freedom [excluding child molesters].

This will never happen though. The government would have to be completely brought down in order for something like this to happen. And even with the government destroyed, a temporary leader would have to take charge to get everything into order. It just can't happen. Because of this, we will live out every day of our lives, being restricted by the government. Even when it comes to things that are done by, and only affect a single person.

Drug laws. Oh my fucking god, how I hate the drug laws. Drugs should be legal, it's that simple. I'm not going to get into all the facts as to why, it should be obvious. The main point is that it's the decision of an individual, and it only has an effect on that individual. If somebody wants to risk becoming a heroine addict, that's their fucking business. I can go on for hours about how harmless most drugs are, without ever having to use propaganda bullshit like the government. But it shouldn't matter! A person's life, and how they live it is their business! How dangerous, or safe a drug is shouldn't fucking matter, because it's a personal choice. But, still the government controls our personal choices.

Why do we even live? I'd probably be a pile of ashes in an earn right now if I owned a gun. Well, I wouldn't do myself until I made sure to take out a pile of cops, child molesters, and government power heads first. This may sound rash, but why live, if I can't live EXACTLY how I want? People say that in life you have to settle. They only say this because that is what they have been taught to think. When everyone was forced into school as a kid, they were taught about how you always have to listen to some sort of authority figure, and how you can't always do what you want. This is bullshit. Just by being born, I was given the right to do what I please, so long as it doesn't affect anyone else doing what they please.

Everybody will continue to live their lives, thinking they are in control, thinking the government is there for them, thinking bringing kids into this fuck of a world is a good idea, thinking they have freedom, and never realizing that they all have the right to live exactly how they want. Everyone will continue to believe that for some reason they must follow these rules set forth by the government, simply because they are told to.

Well, I have a message for everyone out there. GO AGAINST YOUR GOVERNMENT! Fuck protesting and other bullshit that the government ignores. Just outright deny to follow by their rules. If a cop decides he wants to arrest you, break his goddamn jaw, steal his gun, and kill him with it. [no, don't really do that!] If he thinks he has some special privilege to take away others' freedom, then he deserves to die, as all he will do is continue to take away the freedom of others. Then go home and do whatever you want. It's your fucking life! Steal things. Steal things from every store you walk into. If a security guard approaches you, knock out a fistful of his teeth and go about your business. [don't do that either!] He doesn't deserve to die, as he is only protecting the stores merchandise [which, unfortunately for the company, has become free for the taking], however he is trying to deny you some freedom. And he will turn you over to the dirty fucking cops, so make sure he's swallowing enamel the last time you see him. It's your fucking life! Next time you see a politician in person, throw a rock at their head, or their genitals. [shouldn't do that either!] Make sure to do some serious damage. These motherfuckers see you only as a ticket to the top. They just want to use you. Then go smoke some pot if you want to. It's your fucking life! And finally, if you ever see someone defending the police/government/laws/constitution/etc smack them across the face, and tell them to stop being the tools the government wishes them to be.


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