The Generational Gap and the problem with today’s society

kids these days

^Your typical liberal university student^

Once upon a time you could safely discuss pretty much any topic you wanted without fear of being targeted by some psychotic activist group or potentially upsetting someone. Fast forward to 2016 where literally nobody can speak their mind without some precious little cunt getting offended. So where have we gone so wrong as a global society?

A little background info on my particular upbringing…

I was born in 1990 and grew up in a farming area in New Zealand which is fairly typical of most kiwis. I never was exposed to a city lifestyle until around a year ago and instead was brought up around your typical “anything goes” outlook on life. As a young male, you begin to follow your fathers footsteps and pick up on the sense of humor that he and his mates have. Basically it consisted of casual racism and jokes about women which I still find amusing. My mates at school were very much the same so it made it easy to fit in.

Being at a small rural school in 1995, we weren’t really exposed to the bullshit that city kids were. If we hurt ourselves it was a case of growing a pair and not doing it again. There wasn’t ever a “sense of entitlement” that today’s kids have. In 1998 my family moved into a small country town of around 3000 people and I started school there. Even though this was a bigger school in town, the kids here were still the same as my old school to a degree. Maybe a bit more coddled by their parents but definitely not to the same degree as kids today.

Fast forward to 2004 when I started high school. There were around 300 odd students which is small by most standards here in NZ and most of the students were from low to middle class working families. Most of the rich farming families sent their kids off to either public single sex boarding schools or a mixture of coed and single sex private schools in the cities. Even then private schools breed a degree of entitlement among their students.

Concepts like “feminism” and liberalism were a thing that I was aware of during my high school years but was comprised of your typical old school feminism and liberalism was made up of “greenies” and environmentalist types which have been considered as outsiders by the rest of NZ society. That lot stem from the whole anti nuclear testing and environmentalist bullshit from the 60’s to 80’s. Given my families support for conservative leaning politics, I dismissed that lot as being crazy pot smoking nutters.

2006 was the year that people at my school started using “social media”. Bebo and MySpace were the in thing among teenagers and most posts consisted of typical teenage bullshit like what celebs they liked and what music and tv shows were popular. There was never any talk of politics or shit like that unlike today’s teenagers. 2008 I left school and got a job as a labourer for an electrical company. Work consisted of wiring houses and checking out hot females while talking shit and joking about topics that would make your typical SJW shit their pants with rage. In 2009 I began training to eventually become an electrician and around this time, Facebook was a very new concept. This was around the same time that my parents generation was discovering social media as well which I still find weird. 2010 was a tipping point as far as I am concerned with Facebook becoming an outlet for those with views that to me, formed the foundation of today’s SJW movement along with reinforcing a sense of entitlement that I had only began to notice.

To this day I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was finally an adult and only beginning to take notice of the world around me or was the world slowly becoming more “soft”. Fuck even preschoolers are banned from singing “ba ba black sheep” these days because its “racist”. After seeing some of the shit people from school post online, I suspect its the latter. Coming from that generation of internet users who were around before the internet became mainstream, I am still very skeptical about anything posted online and generally I will research something further before believing it. Discovering Totse was a defining moment of my childhood, that’s for sure.

American culture was never a big thing here and even among the older generations is still laughed at and called a crock of shit. Now days some kids speak in half arse American accents due to the fact that parents use TV and the internet as a babysitter for their kids even though the parents are kiwis with strong NZ accents. An American teacher I know who taught here was shocked at the number of kids who had picked up the accent from watching American media.

Fast forward to 2011 when I started university. Even then, the whiny little bitch culture wasn’t prevalent with the student magazine having some pretty dark humour and joked about topics that people now would lose their shit over. Even rape jokes were considered reasonably acceptable. i left uni for a few years to get my finances back on track and also decided against computer science as I lack the patience for it. Even setting up Daktologist Industries and the IRC server resulted in a horrendous amount of swearing, me loosing my shit regularly and thumping things. Fucking computers…

2015 was the year I began my Geology degree. At least rocks aren’t that frustrating and they do damage when you throw them at people plus they contain minerals that are worth something. Back on topic, fuck how things had changed. The students were your typical whiny little cunts that got angry when they got shit grades and the student magazine no longer had the same amusing content. They even had a “Feminist Club” on campus and people were starting to throw the whole “Safe Space” concept around. Fuck i though, why am I even here? Being 25 at the time and most of my class mates being under 20 was a major shock to the system. I had to be careful not to accidently say something that could make the SJW types target me. Luckily the violent activist types haven’t been seen on campus yet but I reckon give it a few years.

Things that have shocked me in the last two years are the number of people who claim to have depression and anxiety yet as someone who has been through it, I can tell most of these kids use it as an excuse for being a whiny little cunt as well as to get their own way. Most of these people study psychology which to me proves that psychologists are generally more fucked in the head than their patients half the time. Also most of these people make up the whole “Transgender, gender fluid, feminist SJW” types. *snigger* I struggle not to laugh every time someone brings that up. Its about as ridiculous as “Sexist Air conditioning”.

These days I think our society is going down the shitter, not because my parents generation or teachers from my childhood fed us with the bullshit of today but because the internet becoming mainstream allowed many western cultures to be heavily influenced by what happens in the US. Not that American culture is inherently bad but more due to the fact that ever since Obama has been in power, I’ve noticed that the left leaning segment of American society have effectively silenced the once vocal right wing part of society. The same thing has been a major problem here in NZ too especially as the left here are the reason why our economy and industry are slowly disappearing as the government believes their “greeny” bullshit and passes more laws prohibiting activities such as mining and building more heavy industry. Australia has the right idea by telling cunts like that to get fucked. Also look at the EU and their dealing with the “refugees”. The pussy left will destroy Europe at this rate. It’s also the reason why I am a Trump supporter. Make America (and the world) Great Again! People need to have pride in their country as well as in who they are. Being proud to be white (or black or whatever) isn’t racist ffs.

Also the term “Millennial” is fucking ridiculous. To me it should refer to kids born from 2000 onwards not kids born between the late 80’s to 2004. Fucking media.

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