TestKitPlus.com Review

With the amount of fake drugs and research chemicals being sold as legit substances, testing your product before consumption is a smart way of avoiding a substance that at the very least has no effect or could kill you. As I’ve wanted to experiment with psychedelics for some time and have already tried psilocybin mushrooms twice now, I decided to procure some LSD. Locally most blotter LSD isn’t actually LSD and tends to be a substance such as 25I-NBOMe or similar instead. Personally I don’t want to try research chems or anything from the NBOMe family in general as I have friends with experience with these compounds and they don’t sound fun in the slightest.

Because of the high availability of “fake LSD” here, a test kit is needed if you want to be safe from accidentally ending up in hospital or dead IMO. Test kits for MDMA and similar are widely available but kits for LSD are pretty difficult to obtain locally which meant importing one from overseas. For LSD, you want the Ehrlich reagent which tests for LSD and indoles. Although it isn’t a test that absolutely confirms the presence of LSD, it will allow you to differentiate between NBOMe and LSD or its analogs. LSD analogs are considered to have the same safety margin as actual LSD so you can be comfortable in the fact that your dose won’t mean a trip to the ER or the morgue as a result of ingesting a toxic substance.

Ehrlich reagent will turn purple in the presence of an indole group. It will show the presence of not only LSD but also DMT and psilocybin which makes it an ideal reagent for testing psychedelics.

I obtained my test kit from http://testkitplus.com which is based in Canada. They have test kits for a variety of substances such as MDMA, Cocaine, GHB, weed, meth and many more. They also stock bundles of reagents containing Ehrlich, Mandelin, Marquis, Mecke and Folin A and B which will allow you to determine most types of psychoactive substances. With single reagent packs starting at around $25 CAD and bundles from $85 CAD, its too easy to ensure that you have the substance you paid for and not some cheap and dangerous knock off. They also ship internationally for a reasonable cost which for me is a very handy service.

Their payment options are credit card and debit card but they offer Bitcoin too if you want a discrete payment option. Their packaging is unbranded as to be discrete although be advised that they do declare the substance name on the customs sticker for international shipping so be wary if test kits are illegal in your home country. Shipping speeds are good with their slowest and cheapest option being around 14 days although you can expect it anywhere up to a month after ordering depending on where they have to ship it to etc. Their list of international shipping locations is here http://testkitplus.com/faq/ship-country

Overall I was happy with my experience with TestKitPlus.com and would highly recommend them for drug testing and harm reduction.

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