Update on the Vintage Radio Restoration Project

Its been a few months since I have looked at the old radio as I am still waiting on a replacement EF89 amplifier tube for it. It seems that that particular tube is beginning to get harder to source but such are the joys of restoring vintage radios. Hopefully within the next few weeks the […]

Vintage Radio Restoration: Part 2

Well the filter caps have arrived from Element 14 and have been fitted. I’m still waiting on the 5 watt 1k ohm dropper resistor to arrive but have come up with a temporary fix by stringing some resistors I had in my junk box together. This allowed for some testing as I cannot get anything […]

Pro-Electron/Mullard Code

This are probably the most commonly encountered numbering system in the UK – and the most informative. It consists of two or more letters followed by a number (normally two digits). Examples – UL41, ECC85, UABC80. The first letter gives heater rating. Character Heater Rating A 4V B 180mA C 200mA D 0 – 1.5V […]

Vintage Radio Restoration

Recently I found an old tube based AM radio. From what I can gather, they were produced from the mid 1950’s to late 1960’s and were built as either a 5 tube or 4 tube with solid state rectifier. I happen to have the 4 tube model. They were manufactured by Bell Radio-Television here in […]