June 2018 Update

Well as much as I intended to do at least one article each month, Uni yet again has gotten in the way. To be honest I am having second thoughts about university and have been for months. Following an incident at uni recently I will have a solid answer in a few days as to […]

Pirate TV Test Broadcasts

The transmitter and modulator are finally playing nicely together. We will be broadcasting in PAL B format on 203.25 MHz at around 100 watts once I finish things like building a decent antenna and make the TX gear portable which most likely will entail building a mounting rack or something similar. The only real problem […]

Pirate TV Update (TV Totse)

Well the VSB modulator has been ordered finally. After nearly a year of collecting dust, its time to dust off the power amplifier unit and start building the antenna. Currently I am thinking that the power amplifier can do up to 100 watts output but haven’t confirmed it yet. Radio Totse is still on hiatus […]

Television TOTSE (Pirate TV)

We have acquired one 100 watt TV translator and two 100 milliwatt TV translators. Basically a translator takes a signal from an antenna pointing at a main TV transmitter tower before shifting the frequency up slightly before amplifying that signal and pumping it out of an antenna. For example, the main TV transmitter transmits a […]

Urban Explorer [2011]

Four young urban explorers from the USA, South America, Asia and Europe meet up in Berlin via the internet to explore the subterranean relics of Nazi Germany. The destination for the illegal tour, through a labyrinth of tunnels, sewers and catacombs, is a special bunker, the Fahrerbunker (Hitler’s subterranean garage) which is the center of […]

Installing FTA Satellite TV

This guide will introduce you to the world of satellite TV. Receiving free satellite TV is cheap and easy, and can be installed by someone with even very limited technical experience. Equipment Needed Satellite Dish Ku Band LNBF (if one isn’t provided with the dish) Mounting Bracket Heavy Duty Wood Screws (if they don’t come […]