Power line Networking and Radio Interference

Most people here have probably heard of “HomePlug” and similar “Ethernet over AC mains” adapters before or even used them at some stage. I personally use them as an alternative to running network cables to different points around the house to feed WiFi access points which they work well for, especially as I am renting […]

Shortwave without an Up-converter with RTL-SDR and SDR#

No this isn’t the old “Direct sampling mod” that is out there on the web, this is the easier software mod that doesn’t involve pulling your RTL-SDR apart. As per the direct sampling mod, performance is still poor compared to an up converter but with the right antenna it still works pretty well. As you […]

Introduction to Radio Scanning

This guide shows my current set up and deals with setting up a desktop scanner due to the slightly more difficult set up required, although hand held scanners are available they are simple to set up and mainly require you to insert the correct batteries attach the supplied antenna and your ready to go. Unfortunately […]