Upcoming Articles for 2018

Considering the mention of at least one new article per month during my last update, below is a list of article topics that I will attempt to cover during the next year. Ultimately there will be more than twelve as I already have enough projects going to provide a fair amount of content with topics […]

ADS-B Reception Using RTL-SDR

Ever wondered how sites like FlightAware.com get their aircraft tracking data? Chances are someone contributed the ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) data they received from said aircraft as it flew over their home. With the RTL-SDR and some free software you too can listen in on these broadcasts that contain location and altitude information which are […]

Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images with RTL-SDR

Orbiting Earth are 3 weather satellites operated by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). These satellites happen to transmit images back to earth in the VHF band at ~137 MHz which with a cheap TV dongle can be received at home relatively easily. Personally I have never had much luck up until now and with […]

Shortwave without an Up-converter with RTL-SDR and SDR#

No this isn’t the old “Direct sampling mod” that is out there on the web, this is the easier software mod that doesn’t involve pulling your RTL-SDR apart. As per the direct sampling mod, performance is still poor compared to an up converter but with the right antenna it still works pretty well. As you […]

SDR# + DVB TV Tuner as Test Equipment

The RTL-SDR project started out as a cheap alternative to the many professional Software Defined Radios (SDR’s) on the market today. They even can be used as a poor mans radio scanner and they work pretty well for that use. With the myriad of software available for them, the possibilities are truly endless for the […]