IPod Touch and IPhone Repair

For those of us who somehow came into the possession of these generally overpriced devices, you can understand how Apple made it extremely difficult to repair them. After hearing about someone I know considering buying a cheap broken IPhone and simply repairing it themselves rather than sending it away to be fixed, it made me […]

Radio Repair, Maintainence and Modifications

Well the shortwave receiver of mine has been causing problems with me lately among other things. Firstly an intro to how it works. The radio receiver is a Wadley Loop design which differs from the Superheterodyne type receiver used in most radio receivers. They work by mixing the received signal with an oscillator to create […]

A Basic Introduction to Electronics

Electricity. It’s all around us, from our appliances to our vehicles to lightning and static. In this guide I will go into the subject of electronics. Firstly what is electronics and how does it differ from electricity in general?. Well electronics deals with using electricity to perform complex tasks like amplifying sound, measurement and many […]