Progress Update for Radio Totse and its Return

The mast finally arrived today. Initial tests have been promising, particularly as the mast is a telescopic carbon fibre squid pole and therefore conductive but doesn’t seem to be heating up or otherwise causing any obvious issues so far. Wind resistance seems pretty good as we have been having winds gusting up to 30km/h the […]

Pirate TV Test Broadcasts

The transmitter and modulator are finally playing nicely together. We will be broadcasting in PAL B format on 203.25 MHz at around 100 watts once I finish things like building a decent antenna and make the TX gear portable which most likely will entail building a mounting rack or something similar. The only real problem […]

Pirate TV Update (TV Totse)

Well the VSB modulator has been ordered finally. After nearly a year of collecting dust, its time to dust off the power amplifier unit and start building the antenna. Currently I am thinking that the power amplifier can do up to 100 watts output but haven’t confirmed it yet. Radio Totse is still on hiatus […]

200mW FM Transmitter Project

Based on the output board from a 200 MHz TV repeater, I have finished building an amplifier for a cheap 1mW USB FM transmitter. The amplifier is based around the BFW16A which from the datasheet suggests is suitable for use from 40 to 860 MHz and can output around 150mW or so. It is housed […]

Television TOTSE (Pirate TV)

We have acquired one 100 watt TV translator and two 100 milliwatt TV translators. Basically a translator takes a signal from an antenna pointing at a main TV transmitter tower before shifting the frequency up slightly before amplifying that signal and pumping it out of an antenna. For example, the main TV transmitter transmits a […]

Radio TOTSE Update (Pirate Radio)

Currently giving some serious thought into doing live broadcasts. This would have the advantage of being able to interact with our listeners live on the broadcast, have call in via Skype or teamspeak as well as take requests and other such things. Ultimately it would require me to buy a mixer and decent microphone, have […]

The Real Basic Radio Transmitter

Personally this is as basic as they come and have a range of 10 miles or more. It won’t do voice but will do Morse code and can be constructed from around $1.50 or less in parts. You will need.. * 1 crystal resonator. I used a 3.579545 MHz crystal which will work in the […]