Coupling a Magnetron to Coaxial Cable

Before we begin I’ll start with the obvious warning: Working around microwave radiation is potentially hazardous and could result in electric shock, burns or death and may cause interference issues with nearby users of WiFi and other services on 2.4 GHz which could potentially be illegal in some jurisdictions. I’m sure I don’t have to […]

The Real Basic Radio Transmitter

Personally this is as basic as they come and have a range of 10 miles or more. It won’t do voice but will do Morse code and can be constructed from around $1.50 or less in parts. You will need.. * 1 crystal resonator. I used a 3.579545 MHz crystal which will work in the […]

Introduction to Radio Scanning

This guide shows my current set up and deals with setting up a desktop scanner due to the slightly more difficult set up required, although hand held scanners are available they are simple to set up and mainly require you to insert the correct batteries attach the supplied antenna and your ready to go. Unfortunately […]

VLF Reception (Natural Radio)

The VLF frequency band can be very interesting to try and receive at times Natural Radio is a fancy name for radio noise with natural origins, mainly lightning. At first, you might think that listening to lightning crackles is pretty uninteresting but as it turns out, electromagnetic radiation from lightning can travel great distances and […]