Pirate TV Update (TV Totse)

Well the VSB modulator has been ordered finally. After nearly a year of collecting dust, its time to dust off the power amplifier unit and start building the antenna. Currently I am thinking that the power amplifier can do up to 100 watts output but haven’t confirmed it yet. Radio Totse is still on hiatus until the power supply issues and time constraints are sorted. I had started with running a six hour show each week but editing six hours of audio takes up a large part of my spare time sadly. Beginning of next year I intend to do one six hour broadcast each month or so as well as a TV broadcast. Until then, stay tuned for updates and upcoming schedules which will be posted here and across the Radio Totse social media pages.

EDIT: Jan 2017: So I finally reverse engineered the transmitter which took months but its finally done. The Tx is capable of 60 watts and down converts to standard PAL IF frequencies before feeding some of the input signal to a video demodulator to feed the AGC circuitry before up converting to the final output frequencies for transmission. In theory, the audio and composite video can be sampled from the demod chip on the AGC board.

Dak out.

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