Is “Online Dating” Really Worth It

As most dating sites require payment to view someone’s profile or even send messages, is it worth the money spent for so little gain. For the $30 to 50 a month some of these sites charge, im my experience it isn’t worth a fucking cent. Usually you will come across the following types of females…

  • The doesn’t even reply female:

This would be the most common female. Even though you fit the bill, no amount of flattery will get a response from this type of female. Their low response ratio makes one wonder why they even bother having a profile in the first place.

  • The “sends a few messages” then stops replying suddenly female:

I hate these females. Even a simple “thanks but no thanks” would be nice. this would be the second most common and going by the profile has “unrealistic expectations” of someone they want to date.

  • The female with no photos:

Most likely to be a dude in disguise or some ugly bitch. Kinda pointless having a profile and no photo to go with it. Tits or GTFO.

  • The female who shows tons of interest but doesn’t want to meet:

After weeks to months of talking and getting to know one another, you will eventually want to meet this person. She seems interested until you ask and get the dreaded “no i’m not interested in meeting. bye” message. Uncommon but they are out there.

  • The female that only wants casual sex:

Very very rare but rather awesome. Usually you end up meeting up one night to find that they have a pretty face and that’s about all that’s going for them. Usually you just fuck them anyway for the sake of it as you are a filthy cunt. Synonymous with the escort in disguise. “mmm yeah I want your dick but it will cost you $200 an hour” Fuck that, the local whore house charges half that.

  • The female that shows tons of interest but then deletes their account suddenly:

Fuck even giving me your number would be nice bitch. These females are rare but they are out there.

  • The tinder user that unmatches you almost as soon as you match with her:

What the fuck is the point of right swiping me if you don’t want to talk ffs.

  • The tinder user that turns out to be a spammer:

Me: “hmmm shes bangin…. right swipe”. later on that day she messages… : ” Hi there. I’m free tonight and keen for fun. Visit (insert cam whore site here) to see me live. Chat soon xx…” Me: *throws phone at wall*. Motherfuckers.

  • The chick that’s keen as on a relationship/dating/meeting up for coffee/sex:

It is said that they exist. I’m calling bullshit on this one until I have proof. EDIT: I have proof that they do exist finally.


After sitting down and looking at it, online dating is so not worth it if you have to pay to use said service. I have more luck picking up chicks IRL than online. I suppose I can expose them to my pure sexiness lol ;). For the money you pay for an account you are better spending that cash at the local whorehouse than on online dating or spending it on shit you actually enjoy, that or use one of the few free sites or services (OK Cupid, Tinder etc).

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