DigitalOcean Review

Three years ago we moved from a cheap and nasty hosting provider to DigitalOcean after a friend suggested it to me as an alternative to what I was using at the time. As I was reasonably new to web development, I wanted a provider that was cheap yet offered a reliable and easy to use service. In 2014 I began with their $5 plan which provided an ideal testbed to see if they could provide what I needed along with how reliable they were as my last host certainly wasn’t. Needless I was impressed with their service and the ability to create and delete droplets while only being billed for the time I used it for. That feature alone is a major help to me a lot of the time.

Plans start from $5USD per month or $0.007 per hour for 20GB of HDD space and 512MB of ram and you have the choice of many of the popular Linux distros along with FreeBSD to install on your virtual server. You can also set up a droplet preinstalled with things such as WordPress and jump straight in. There are a selection of DigitalOcean data centers based all around the globe so it’s up to you where in the world you want your site hosted. They allow payment via credit or debit card as well as PayPal.

Setup is easy with installation being as easy as clicking what plan you want and clicking a Linux distro or “one-click app” to have installed on your machine. Usually they will have you up and running within 50 seconds. Their support team has always been extremely helpful whenever I have needed their assistance

If you are looking for cheap and reliable hosting without the expense and hassle of a dedicated server, I would have to recommend DigitalOcean. With its selection of SSD based virtual servers, it is a fast, reliable and cheap cloud hosting provider. Daktologist industries has been hosted with them for a little over a year now and we’re more than happy with things. We run a webserver alongside an IRC server and TeamSpeak server and the $10 per month plan does us perfectly

To signup and receive $10USD free credit on your new DigitalOcean account, visit the following link.

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