Daktologist’s “yearly” Update

I just had a look and I last updated you lot back in June 2015 with what has been happening with me, Daktologist Industries and Radio Totse. I figured it had been a couple years so I might as well fill you guys in.

I’m back to doing at least one post/article per month at present as I have a small amount of time in my schedule. I’m still at University studying Geology and am in my third year of my degree. I’m also doing some Chemistry papers on the side which are fun, my lecturer reminds me of Dfg from Totseans. They even look similar which is rather amusing.

We are now back on a server based in Europe as things in the US are likely to get much worse before they improve particularly with Trump as president. Don’t get me wrong, he had some good ideas but needs to keep his word on them. That and destroy the liberal SJW movement before it gets too out of hand. Even American university culture is slowly sneaking in here in NZ too although its a very tiny minority that buys into it and is mostly exchange students that are involved. I highly doubt it will grow significantly any time soon.

I quit my job at the supermarket in March 2015. Best decision I ever made and to this day I still have not set foot in that place since nor have i bothered to keep in touch with anyone I met there. That is a period of time in my life I’d rather forget about entirely. Doing shrooms around the same time made me realise how unhappy I was working there.

Spent Christmas 2015 in Australia with my partner and her family. I’d say I enjoyed the whole trip but then I’d be lying to you guys. Sister in laws are complete pains in the arse to say the least. Other than that it was fine, Brisbane sucked arse but Cairns was pretty awesome with plenty of fun shit to look at and do. Never go to Cairns in December unless you like it when it rains continuously for weeks or months at a time. We got one full fine day the entire time we were there. I hate rain, especially when its 35 degrees C every day with 100% humidity. July is said to be the best time of year to go according to the locals I spoke to.

We adopted a cat after returning from Australia. I have to admit that I wasn’t overly keen on the idea to begin with but he turned out to be a pretty cool cat and now I’m pretty happy I said yes to getting him. He can be a right pain in the arse at times but what cat isn’t.

We moved into a proper three bedroom home next to where we were living before in June 2016. We went through three flatmates in six months before finding someone decent early 2017. First one got booted for smoking inside, letting her “man thing/deadbeat loser” live in her room rent free for 3 months without asking first/after being told numerous times not to. After her was a German couple who were backpackers working picking strawberries for four months. He was a complete cunt to his partner and generally rude to everyone else. His partner was all right though, at least she joined in whenever we had parties unlike him. Our current flatmate is pretty chill though which is excellent.

*Charity muggers proceed to knock on my door and try to get me to sign up for monthly donations as I try to write this. Fuck I’d rather spend my money on drugs, cigarettes and coffee than people in Africa at the moment bro* Anyway continuing on…

Me and my partner are still together after nearly three years, she has been dropping hints about me proposing to her at some stage as has my mum. I do plan on it once I finish my degree and can afford a ring and what not. That and she is talking about having kids in a year or two. Don’t get me wrong, I want kids but at the same time I enjoy the freedom of not having them too. I like the idea that I can get shitfaced drunk and do drugs and not have to worry about raising kids like friends of ours do. Sucks to be them *manically laughs*.

Completely lost my train of thought after being interrupted earlier, FUUUUUU…

Totseans has slowed down noticeably in the last year or so but most of us original members have lives and responsibilities now which is understandable. I intend to stay on till the end and beyond. Reddit to me is full of beta cucks and probably not the best platform for something like totse. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would ensue given the shit that got posted regularly. Ultimately social media and society going soft is what led to the demise of places like &T sadly.

I got IRC and Teamspeak up and running end of last year as a side project and completely rebuilt the virtual server we run on after a security breach that I couldn’t plug the hole in. That and my studies have given me some more insight into new and interesting topics to write about here so stay tuned.

Radio Totse is still on hold as I don’t have space for an antenna without it being noticeable to the neighbours nor do I have the time to travel out somewhere hidden to broadcast at the moment. I’m looking at a few ideas for a hidden antenna system but I lack the funds to start that project currently. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of that and hopefully you will hear us on the air again soon.

Daktologist out.

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