TestKitPlus.com Review

With the amount of fake drugs and research chemicals being sold as legit substances, testing your product before consumption is a smart way of avoiding a substance that at the very least has no effect or could kill you. As I’ve wanted to experiment with psychedelics for some time and have already tried psilocybin mushrooms […]

The “Legalise Pot” Movement and why it’s Failing

Personally my belief is that Cannabis should be legally available to any adult that wants it, much like alcohol, tobacco and pornography. Here in my home country of New Zealand, that is not the case sadly and it remains illegal but enforcement of the law isn’t consistent and for the average user, isn’t likely to […]

First DXM Trip

**Originally posted on totseans.com** Well I just found a full 200 mL bottle of Robitussin DM. 30 mg DXM per 10 mL. Took first 50 mL dose at 8:45 am. Feeling good, robitussin tastes like shit but anyway. Yet another substance to experiment with. Trip log to follow. *************************** 09:17. Still feeling normal, browsing totse. […]

Dak’s First LSD Trip Report

Me and my girlfriend recently obtained some tabs of LSD. We had been planning on getting some for a while but never really gave it any real thought until me and my cousin got talking about psychedelic drugs and what we had previously tried. We had both tried mushrooms a few times previously and personally […]